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Floating By

by My Manic Mind

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Walking on the verge of something new, Digging in my pockets for a clue,
 Anything that may seem relevant, I want to show the world Iʼm meant for this Feel it in your bones,
 I mean, at least you have to try,
 Focus on the things that make you want to be alive Donʼt let those dreams die,
 Donʼt let your dreams die, Hold them tight just believe, You can do anything if you try,
 Now let those dreams fly Silently I ponder every scene,
 Hoping one of them might meet reality,
 Anything will do to pass the time,
 But none of it is real if youʼre not by my side
Shushola 05:03
Listen like you really mean it, With your ears and not your mouth, 
Try to focus and catch up, Cause youʼve missed the point,
 Always missing the point Rewind the scene back to square one,
 Youʼre about to witness the finish,
 And I donʼt want to ruin the story before you know how we arrived
 I represent a culture, Whose been suppressed since our first breath,
 Cause Iʼm not afraid to speak up,
 Iʼm a threat! To the corporation,
 Spoon feeding those whoʼve yet to be awakened, Hope my honesty will open up their eyes All youʼve ever heard are lies, Theyʼre only telling you what they want you to know, Cause knowledge is power and fear is the fuel to their fire, Canʼt you see itʼs all a game and their fucking dice are loaded,
 Weʼre born to die in this world of greed, Profiting off our misery Please open up your eyes,
 I swear I will help you, to open up your eyes,
 Please open up your eyes,
 I swear, my darling, I swear, I swear, my dear, yes I will help you, To open up your eyes
Agony 03:44
Call my wife, Someone drive us to the hospital, 
Feels like Iʼm running out of time,
 My bodyʼs tired,
 No words left to describe this agony,
 For now use your imagination 
Iʼm on fire,
 donʼt touch my skin for it will melt away, 
Iʼm on fire,
 most times I have to fake it through the day,
 Just fake it through the day, Tell yourself youʼll be okay Day fades to black, Now my back is up against the wall, 
Afraid that I might finally break, Still I carry on, Itʼs the only thing we can do to survive in a world built up on lies Iʼm on fire, Itʼs hard to breathe when youʼre engulfed in flames
Floating By 04:41
Am I awake or still asleep? 
 Itʼs hard to differentiate the real world apart from my dreams,
 Get lost in motion, feels like Iʼm floating by,
 Is this really my life? 
I’ve questioned it a thousand times 
Tell me what itʼs like to truly feel alive, 
I thought I saw it once in your eyes, 
If I only knew, what the world could do, 
Tell me what itʼs like to truly feel alive,
 I thought I saw it once in your eyes, 
If I only knew, the things I would undo 
Wake me if Iʼm dreaming, Itʼs a nightmare, no it is reality,
 Am I lucid, am I conscious? Stole my memories just to put them on TV, And now Iʼm forced to watch everything turn to shit,
 Iʼd say Iʼm barely here just enough to exist, Is this really my life? Iʼve questioned it a thousand times
Destiny 04:35
Please be honest with me, Fucking tell me what I need to do,
 Cause I wonʼt let us die,
 I spill my guts for all to see the path I chose led me to sea,
 Now I must sail away, 
I must sail away, 
Every lesson I have learned has always been ignored, Yet somehow life goes on, yes we’ll carry on,
 Donʼt lose hope yet, cause itʼs not over 
Just look to the sky, Believe your day will come,
 I swear your day will come, While it may appear to have fallen apart,
 Truly itʼs just falling into place,
Let it fall into place, 
Let me be a cynic, Donʼt fucking tell me how to live my life, When youʼre barely living yours,
 Thatʼs when I knew, the pen could wield more power than any weapon they create 
Cause her words had cut me deep,
 Felt like a thousand knives, Yet somehow life goes on, yes we’ll carry on, Donʼt lose hope yet, cause itʼs not over 
If I have to I will break myself, Just to let you stay alive, 
Yes Iʼll try and Iʼll try and Iʼll try,
 Not to lose hope yet,
 Cause itʼs not over
She called me an accident, Waiting to happen, oh,
 Iʼll take it as a compliment, Surround me in misery, Iʼll point out the silver lining, It not that hard to find
 Cause nothing's gonna get me down tonight, No! No!
 Nothing's gonna get me down tonight,
 No, nothing will Late for work blowout a tire, oh,
 Even worse itʼs minus three, yes degrees,
 Some take it as a sign but hey Iʼm still alive,
 So sit back enjoy the ride, I’ve had my fair share of feeling down but that donʼt mean Iʼm always drowning,
 I’ve learned to smile in the rain,
 I know it sounds insane but hear me out, 
The next time you canʼt escape those storm clouds, Donʼt run away, just say
Demons 04:53
No signs of poetry,
 Oh these words donʼt mean a thing,
 Just there to grasp your attention,
 Oh did I succeed and leave you wanting more,
 For sure, or are you running out the door? 
Donʼt leave me, I swear Iʼll cut to the chase, Donʼt leave me you donʼt have to face this alone I know what itʼs like to live in self doubt,
 I would speak up but Iʼm afraid to let the demons out, Instead I'd rather keep them locked up inside my mind,
 A reminder that Iʼm still alive, Cause we all have our demons to fight, 
Yes we all have our demons to fight Now take a breath and count to ten,
 I hope that this will help to put your misery to bed this time,
 Cause you have fallen captive to a routine step outside complacency


released August 11, 2018

Vocals / Keys / Bass / Guitars - Quory Soluri
Guitars - David Weaver
Drums / Samples - Michael Redder

All music written & performed by My Manic Mind.
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Dalton Sutton at Bro Code Studios.
Artwork by Sheree Phinney of Inkcraft Tattoos - Watertown, New York.


all rights reserved



My Manic Mind Watertown, New York

My Manic Mind is an American Indie Rock band from Watertown, NY founded by singer-songwriter and pianist Quory Soluri. It consists of Soluri, a multi-instrumentalist and producer Dalton Sutton.

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