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Jumping Ship

by My Manic Mind

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Dead Weight 03:02
Looks like it is time to jump ship They're screaming mutiny like I'm some kind of captain I didn’t sign up for this This is not what expected But I’m standing on the edge Looking for a new perspective Before you even know it, everything will go wrong And all that you can do is stand your ground Keep moving on Listen to the voices as their cheering you on Do everything you can, yes don't back down This is your chance to prove them wrong I told myself I'd be better than this I need to separate and stop dragging this dead weight I can push myself some more Yeah it’s worth the deprivation I will use this as my fuel To spread a little motivation
I like to spend my time learning things the hard way I always have and I always will Still there's a chance to grow I just need to pay attention Before I make another mistake So just like that I am jumping feet first I'm welcoming the water with open arms I used to think I’d drown if I was on my own But it is looking like I am better off Watch me swim Sometimes I put my trust Into people undeserving They'll play the part to enjoy the ride So I’m left confused When you bite the hand that feeds you This is where I draw the line You gotta keep on move forward Leave it all behind Focus on yourself now Yeah it's your time
You Got This 03:29
I put it all on the line Feels like I've wasted my time Still this just doesn't seem right But all you want is a fight This isn’t what we were searching for But we still found it Yes you will learn things can fade away right before your eyes So when you make it through the day And wonder how you survived Just know you have the strength to face Everything in life All you need is to believe that you got this You're gonna be alright How did we end up like this The world left taking a piss We bottled it in our fists Please tell me what did I miss This isn't what we were searching for But we still found it
Somebody try to reign him I've lost control and the room spinning Yeah anxiety is on the prowl And no ones here to calm me down So I'm forced to watch you play this game And now this life we built is up in flames So I won't tag along or be misused There nothing left for me to do So I’ll take my things and go I’ll be alright on my own I just thought that I'd share this journey with the ones I love Sometimes you never know who you can trust Here we go again While you point the blame Doesn't look like anybody's listening Try to bring me down and steal my name But I'll rise above and keep on singing It’s shame it had to come to this I never thought I’d have to abandon my ship But I can start anew I swear I’m through Yeah I'm sorry to disappoint you I've worked too hard to let this stop me now Yeah this time I am coming for you this time I've got something to prove
How could I let this go so far? I am ashamed at myself for letting you tear me apart So no more sifting through the dark Yes I will do just what takes To prove I have the spark To light up the room when I’ve got to Yes I’ll light up the room if I want to I'll say to myself I’ve got what it takes, this time I will be brave So say to yourself I’ve got what it takes, to learn from my mistakes and slowly find my way After all that we’ve been through I never thought it’d go like this even with all of the clues But there’s really nothing I can do You’ve made your bed and lied in it And you won’t listen to the truth So I’ll just light up the room when I gotta I’ll light up the room if I want to
Sometimes I hate myself When life’s not quite my way It’s hard to erase The things that cause you pain And I know the hurt that you’re hiding away But this is your chance to seize the day So I guess I have you to thank The choice was easy I’ll just walk the plank Cause now I’m thriving by myself Don’t need anybody else To hold me back I’m in control of my path I had turn around and quickly walk away Still this is all because the choices that you made And I see the pain that you’re hiding away But this is my chance to seize the day I’m in control of my path
There's something greater at play A beautiful mess to be made I should've seen we were in trouble I took my chance to walk away I'll try and carry on But some days I'm scared I don't belong But this time I'll make the rules Yes a weights been lifted No more playing the fool I'll embrace existence I wanna be alright To see another night Take a breath and close your eyes And enjoy that you're alive Somehow I missed all the signs They were hiding in plain sight And now that all of this is over I’ve learned a lot along this ride So I will carry on Someday I’m scared I don’t belong So when the rain comes You tell it to go away
Well it's late And I'm not sure which way to go Shoot for the stars and simply try to float Don’t let the current pull you under When the waves Start billowing over the boat Hold on tight I swear you're not alone Sometimes you need to face the thunder I’ll use a telescope To find my way to land Our vessel is taking on water I don't think this was part of the plan I’ll use a telescope To search across the sky The horizon isn’t much farther Cause now I’m finally seeing the light When the rain Does it’s best to drown you out Or overshadows you with doubt Don't let these thought consume you Don't let those thoughts consume you Fight the pain When you're left not knowing what to do Keep looking till you find the truth Sometimes it's right in front in front of you Storm clouds keep moving in I won't let them win


Jumping Ship is the second EP released by My Manic Mind. It was written and recorded in four days and is the first album released by My Manic Manic to feature Quory Soluri solely writing and performing the music. Jumping Ship arrives filled with unapologetic power and focused determination after a falling out with the members of the band aiming to capture the array of raw emotions felt at the time. Shortly after he started writing, former bassist, Dalton Sutton was tapped to produce the album and has signed on as the producer for the project.

The physical release also includes two new b-side tracks, "Embrace Existence" and "Telescope". You can only listen to these new tracks if you buy the album in digital and/or physical formats on our Bandcamp.


released June 24, 2020

Quory Soluri - Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums

Tracked by Quory Soluri in Watertown, NY
Mixed and mastered by Dalton Sutton in Topeka, KS
Artwork by Scott Cumming in Scotland


all rights reserved



My Manic Mind Watertown, New York

My Manic Mind is an American Indie Rock band from Watertown, NY founded by singer-songwriter and pianist Quory Soluri. It consists of Soluri, a multi-instrumentalist and producer Dalton Sutton.

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